“A defiant, optimistic blend" - Allure

Allure’s special issue touted as “The Ultimate Guide to Shopping” highlighted how in the past few decades, fragrances have gone from a commodity to an art form. With an inventive way of discovering your fragrances en route from pop culture to ingredients to scent, the guide focuses on having ingredients like jasmine or patchouli, focusing on French or Italian fashion, and focusing on art as a form of inspiration, a gauge of mood, and ultimately a decision maker in picking your scent.

“A defiant, optimistic blend of soapsuds and sandalwood.” - By Allure for Exit The King.  

 A fragrance inspired by the fall of (Patriarchal) power, because nothing can rule us. An immaculate blend of petals in overdose, clean foam and tree moss, contrasted with patchouli on a milky skin of sandalwood and white woods.

Exit The King
Exit The King Sample
Exit The King

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