A Love Affair with Fashion and Fragrance | Etat Libre D’Orange X Roland Mouret

        Love affairs are passionate moments suspended in time. Not a forever love, but a fleeting infatuation.  Despite their brevity, love affairs are so impactful that they hold a repeated narrative that extends back in time – rebellious, yet classic. This form of love is so intensely physical it is almost an homage to the body, to skin on skin.

        This passionate reverence for the body is the very fiber of Roland Mouret’s craft. A brilliant fashion designer, Mouret created a name for himself with his ‘Galaxy’ dress. The dress perfectly balances the elegance of a reserved length and cap sleeve with the sensuality of a skin-hugging fit that accentuates every curve of a woman’s body.  An understated, yet undeniable sex appeal. This understanding of a woman’s body is a testament to Mouret’s love for the body. Mouret seeks to honor this love affair by elevating and complimenting his models. Mouret utilizes real women as the primary figures in his design process, draping their individual forms with beautiful fabric that empower their bodies. This attention and celebration of the female body is exactly what empowers and attracts the wearers of his designs. As a truly independent designer, Mouret broke away from working under other notable designers, invigorated by his own capabilities and distinct point of view. He utilizes his formal education and technical skills but has destructed any norms instilled within the fashion industry. Mouret represents innovation with a timeless approach. He expresses his abilities through the construction of garments with inventive folds and cuts, while maintaining a classic silhouette. His pieces represent a true love affair between fashion and the body.

 The skin is similarly the intimate medium of fragrance. Etienne, owner of Etat Libre D’Orange dresses the skin of his customers with something transparent yet empowering and beautiful: the lingering scent of his most coveted fragrances. As if Etienne and Mouret were destined to collaborate, the two bonded on shared beliefs of insurgence, sensuality, and ultimately their passion for honoring the body through each of their respective mediums. 

       They speak of dressing to undress; fragrance and fashion that enhance the wearer’s individual beauty, rather than conceal it. Together, the designers merged their brand philosophies, creative spirit, and personal beliefs to create Une Amourette. The name translates to “little love” as it is inspired by their artwork’s profound love affair with the body -- plus it has a little play on Mouret’s name. The bottle design bridges fragrance and fashion with an homage to Mouret’s later crafted dresses coined as the Moon and Titanium designs. Similar with the theme of his dresses, the bottle utilizes chrome colors and heart detail. The understated, yet skin-hugging complexity of Mouret’s artwork then transcends into the fragrance.  Simple, beautiful floral tones of citrusy, sweet neroli and soft iris are met with passionate, caressing nuances of sensual vanilla and akigalawood, and the sheer spice of cardamom. The scent is simple, sheer and sensual —the makings of a passionate love. And like a little love affair, this scent will not stay forever, although its impact on your senses are unforgettable. 

So unforgettable, Une Amourette was awarded The Best Spicy Fragrance of 2018 by Allure Magazine. 

Try it here.

"Mouret utilizes real women as the primary figures in his design process, draping their individual forms with beautiful fabric that empower their bodies."

Designer, Roland Mouret

Une Amourette 

Galaxy dress, first created for Spring/Summer 2006

Written by Claudia Morgan

from The Modern Renaissance

Arts and pop culture blogger exploring the world of niche fragrances and their relevant impact. 

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