Dad Likes to Smell Good, Too

        Etat Libre D’Orange is founded on rebellion-- denying all rules. However, even this rule is disregarded in Cologne. Men are multi-dimensional, needing a change from typical hyper-masculine scents. Cologne is a rule breaker itself, paying homage to a classic scent. This Father’s Day, Cologne can be the breath of fresh air and change from the expected. A perfectly sweet and simple fragrance, as a gentle introduction to the tender side of our father.

If he’s a beautiful mind, fresh and sparkling like our eternal Cologne.

Etienne de Swardt

        Fat Electrician is for the dad who have faced the decline of his youthful charm, but continues to find the humor in himself. The woody smell is reminiscent of his once unabashed masculinity that was never conceived of fading. The sweet tones of chestnut and vanilla act as an eternal reminder of their youthful memories.

If he is a formidable blend of pink lace and grease.  Then Fat Electrician is calling his name.

Etienne de Swardt

    Hermann is a fragrance for the dads who indulge in their daring side. Hermann embraces both the self and the shadow self, a duality captured by the initial cold top notes alongside the peppery rose mist. The fragrance will incite a new side of your father, or perhaps, awaken a side that already exists.

If he's a rider in a storm, lost in dark 19th century romanticism, then Hermann is his alternative self.

Etienne de Swardt

Written by Claudia Morgan

from The Modern Renaissance

Arts and pop culture blogger exploring the world of niche fragrances and their relevant impact.

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