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        Scents are more than accessories for the user. They are an energy, emotion, ambiance that transform the user upon immersion. Fragrance scents have limitations; they are deeply adored, but promptly fade. Candles surpass these limitations. The admired scent of the candle can expand past the individual, filling the space. Beyond the body, spaces can transform through scent, exuding a desired energy. For the candle collection, Etienne, founder of Etat Libre D’Orange, strategically selected the most coveted scents.

You or Someone Like You

Remarkable People



       Etienne considers the mysticism of three, releasing three scents within the collection: Remarkable People, You or Someone Like You, and Hermann. The candles are cased in a colored translucent glass with a print that reflects the fragrance. Remarkable People is garnished with the vibrant gold of a prize medal, reflecting the strength and power of the individuals the fragrance was inspired by. This fragrance dedicated to those who oppose the norms and achieve greatness despite the odds with the brightness of grapefruit, champagne accord, cardamom, and jasmine juxtaposed with the sharpness of curry and black pepper. You or Someone Like You has the sweetness of Hollywood dreams with the crisp scent of a fallen angel, cased in a cool blue glass with printed palm trees, a Las Angeles staple. Las Angeles is a city of dreams, both achieved and destroyed, a city of wonders, both synthetic and natural, all captured within the fragrance as a scent both floral and abstract. 

Lastly, Hermann is the darker scent reflected in its design. The scent is inspired by the intensity of Victor Hugo’s poetry and the self, reserved for only the most passionate moments. The scent exudes the edge necessary for this alternative persona with blackcurrant buds, black pepper, and galbanum.

       Each scent is not only enjoyed by one user, but all occupants of the space that persists for an extended time. Through this collection, Etienne continues to exceed the boundaries of perfume production and allows his clients to surpass the limitations of fragrance. Etienne achieves scents for his clients that endure, saturate, surround, and inspire.

Claudia Morgan 

from The Modern Renaissance 

Arts and pop culture blogger exploring the world of niche fragrances and their relevant impact. 

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