Q&A Exit The King

Who better to talk about our upcoming launch than the creator himself, our co-founder Etienne de Swardt. 

Discover the inspiration, the significance, and the dreamed wearers of his newest brainchild. Everything you’ve been dying to know about Exit The King, straight from the source.

Q1: What was your inspiration for this scent? 

A king has his reign and then he dies.

To jump from the Tarpeian roc with panache and dignity wearing a beautiful scent.

Exit The King, a perfume to dream about entropy. This is about making a perfume like a Loire castle, a perfume that could rise higher than the castle of Blois, higher than the terrace where the last Valois watched the sun set in its glory. And then disappear, die, as if by magic before the fall. With the whisper of a kiss at the moment of its glory, and then a humble return to something else.

Q2: How long did it take you to work on this scent? 

49 years, it’s a life achievement.

Q3: The name Exit The King makes one assume it will be a masculine scent, however, upon the initial spritz the scent seems more feminine.

Long live the queen.

This fragrance is feminine because woman is the future of man and mankind.In French, Aragon used to say “La femme est l’avenir de l’Homme”. This is a perfume to praised Elsa Triolet and Aragon.

She is the new soul, the new role, she is desirable and she has conquered. She is the denunciation, a touch condescending. The fluttering of her eyelashes declares she is the one whose hour of glory has arrived, a scent testing blotter in hand.

An immaculate blend of flowers, foam & moss. Petals in overdose, clean foam & tree moss, contrasted with patchouli on a milky skin of sandalwood and white woods.

Q4: Who do you picture wearing this scent?

Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson, George Sand, Alfred de Musset, Cleopatra, Natasia Kinsky, Marc Antoine, Tootsie, all the beautiful gone with the wind.

Q5: Is there any significance in the timing of this scent (for example, the launch date will be around the same time re-elections will take place in)?

It’s a good scent for politicians of course as it blends here vanity, kindness, entertainment and sophisticated imposture all in a bottle with aesthetic and superb ingredients.

The story of a fall > Fall of power, fall of certainties

Nothing can rule us

A perfume of magnificence, love and goodness for the new world, and of forgetting the old and overwhelming powers. Resolutely chypre.

Etienne de Swardt

the nose behind Etat Libre d'Orange

"Long live the queen." – Troublemaker & Perfumer

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