(Scent) Stripped, Vol. 2: Cardamom, Clove and Amber

Continuing our legacy of seeing what lies beneath when we strip… our scents. As the cheery holidays approach, some of us yelp in glee while others cringe in grinch-like disdain. But whatever your sentiment, the season brings forth the most salacious of scents with Cardamom, Clove and Amber.
Cardamom thrives in tropical months... as do many of us. Sun, warmth, and frisky behavior. The plant then births small fruit-like capsules that serve various purposes, notably our enchanting fragrance. Its origins date back thousands of years for its aroma and health benefit. It is an ingredient discussed much throughout history...rumors about its varied use and allure. Even Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen herself, used the ingredient to fragrant her palace. Fit for a queen, the ingredient is extravagant and expensive, causing perfumers to shy away from it. Cardamon spices the overall scent, reflective of its Oriental origins, foreign but familiar with the feeling of travel with assurance.

Take a whiff of cardamom in 500 Years, where the story of mankind is delivered in a perfume with the power of spices and the sense of something precious, or Spice Must Flow, where the spice becomes cosmic, mystical, enchanting. And in Remarkable People, made for those who are uncompromising, unexpected, unconventional, unpredictable, or in Une Amourette, an award winner which combines spicy cardamom and pink pepper with sensual nuances of vanilla and patchouli.

Can't go wrong with cardamom...

500 Years Sample
Spice Must Flow Sample
Remarkable People Sample
Une Amourette Sample

Clove is a traveler of sorts, found in many regions around the globe. It is born for the role of fragrance with its heavy aroma. It is used in the culinary world but excels in fragrance. Clove is used both as a seducer or a repellent...depending on how you foster its strengths. A controversial ingredient--multi-faceted, not unlike the principles that Etat Libre D’Orange celebrates. Its extensive history emphasizes the desirability of this ingredient; What good goes out of style? Voyagers, merchants, and nobles sought out this ingredient alike. It is no shock that the clove is the cheeky additive to our fragrance.

Scent your season with clove in Je Suis Un Homme.
Je Suis Un Homme Sample

Amber awakens our soul. A comforting ingredient that feels familiar and warm with the lingering sweetness of fantasy. Its proponents are both natural and artificial— reflective of our primal attraction as well as our creative tendencies. Amber, first found naturally on this earth, forms only following millions of years. Amber’s appearance in its natural form illuminates with warm tones almost in a fantastical manner. The ingredient reaches a true potential as it burns, projecting the blissful aroma. The inviting amber ingredient is mimicked in Ambroxan, found in a whale’s sexual secretions. The Ambroxan hardens to mineral with an intriguing and often sexual allure. With the movement away from animal usage, perfumers have replicated this ingredient in artificial means. Today, it is birthed from a myriad of elements, namely vanilla patchouli, labdanum, styrax, and benzoin. After heated, it is a sweet, sensual, and strong aroma that lasts longer than many are accustomed to (something many of us would enjoy). Its oriental flare, enrich each fragrance, reminiscent of the luxurious goods and spices that were made available during foreign trade. A warm familiar ingredient that has the spice and affluence of Oriental riches.

Sense the allure and smell the sweetness of Amber with Rien Intense Incense, a dramatic fragrance that has a powerful sensuality, an unforgettably strange and wonderful potency, or in Jasmin et Cigarette, a scent from the twilight zone, the banned, the addiction.
Rien Intense Incense Sample
Jasmin et Cigarette Sample

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