(Scent) Stripped, Vol. 3: Rose and Vanilla

An ongoing legacy to probe deeper into what lies within our concoctions is our quest to see what lies within when we strip… our scents. As the season of love is upon us, some of us romance in the skies as others pour our emotions into fluids. Whatever your sentiment, the season brings forth the most saccharine of scents with Rose and Vanilla.
Rose embody sensuality, love, and enticing femininity. The sweet dance of the rose trotes with an all too familiar step still captivates its lovers. As history reveals, the rose has notably been accustomed to adornment and held close as a pure form of delicacy. Though the scent renders its notorious fragrance dating back thousands of years, its earliest archeological record dates its first appearance 32 million years back, making the rose one of the most ancient florals. The rose then continued to roam wild and free, until domesticated by man 5,000 years ago in China, gaining renowned popularity after the philosopher Confucious brought roses to the Imperial Garden. The spark in feminine prophecy was granted by none other than Cleopatra herself, using the rose as a symbolic form of power, wealth, and beauty, tying its sweet scent to embody the divine power of femininity and seduction. Subsequently, as her passionate love for roses flourished, foreign trade routes ignited, as travelers sought to get their hands on none other than roses. As roses continued to be a popular trading bargain, the diversity of rose types continued to cultivate a wide array of varieties worldwide.

Today in its most modern form, the aroma has continued to hold a delicacy in the perfumery industry as perfumers still go to extreme lengths to generate its aroma. The two most popular forms of extractions to produce the coveted oils are namely rose otto and rose absolute. Rose otto is the steam release of the fragrance, while rose absolute, the more pure option induces a form of CO2 extraction. Counting in with 170 freshly cut roses to produce 1 minuscule drop of rose absolute oil. The rose is a continuous symbol of purity, grace, and divinity, to hold with sensuality and romance.

Intoxicate in a rosy stupor with Eau de Protection, which smells like it was made by the crushing of armfuls of roses, or Putain de Palaces, a seductive boudoir blend of sultry powder, arresting leather and tantalizing florals, or even Rien, with meticulous elegance and hypnotic beauty of a modern Dorian Gray, in a feminine/masculine version. Or above all, our iconic I Am Trash, the first luxury perfume created by upcycling, by using exhausted rose petals amongst other upcycled ingredients for a beautiful fruity, floral, and woody blend.

Smell the roses in...

Eau de Protection Sample
Putain des Palaces Sample
Rien Sample
I am Trash Sample

Vanilla contains a sensual, exotic demeanor juxtaposing purity and innocence. The symbolism of vanilla comes from nuances of emotive contingency from personal memories, but regardless of its remembrance, the sweet essence of vanilla cultivates a rich yet bittersweet history. The vanilla bean was birthed in Mesoamerica, home to the Mayan descent, which proved great cultural importance to their heritage. Archaeologists recovered fossils of vanilla flowers and pods along with religious scribes of recipes to form the sweet essence aromas of the vanilla. The ceremonial traditions continued to live throughout the Mesoamerican tribes until the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire. Vanilla was then introduced to the New World in 1513. Unbeknown to their new relic, the flower refused to produce seeds, only to find that the Melipona Bee is a natural pollinator and found exclusively in South America.

Now, modern-day vanilla is harvested in fields that are more commonly hand-pollinated but still require robust and complex labor to secret this refined work of art. Upon each harvest, farmers must cure and dry the bean stocks, ferment each for 40 hours, and dry again in order to sweat each pod to achieve maximum potency. The process takes up to 30 days after each harvest to yield the bewitching scent, which in turn enhances the use of chemical alternatives such as vanillin—leaving natural vanilla extract for perfumers as one of the most precious and exorbitant aromas and spices to date. The classic and perpetual poise of vanilla still carries true, and continues to be one of the most cherished notes in the fragrance industry.

Take a whiff of vanilla in Soul of My Soul, where musk intermingles with iris butter and transmits the powerful balm of vanilla, an ever attractive and wearable vetiver-based scent modernized by woody vanilla bean and balsamic myrrh. Or Une Amourette, an award winner which combines spicy cardamom and pink pepper with sensual nuances of vanilla and patchouli, ending with The Ghost in the Shell, a fragrance from the future.

Sniff the sweet vanillas...

Soul of my Soul Sample
Fat Electrician Sample
Une Amourette Sample
The Ghost in the Shell Sample

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