The Feminine Edit

Our fragrances are unisex. We don't label them because perfume is personal, for the wearer to decide whether or not a scent suits them - not vice versa.

Nonetheless, we often get asked, "which fragrances are more feminine?" or "more masculine?". In case you're interested in labels, we've rounded up our 3 more traditionally feminine fragrances, each with its own personality:
Bijou Romantique

A true lady's portrait is a precious jewel; she requires time and affection before she can become a glowing object of beauty. Like a precious gem, she transcends ephemeral fashion. Like every rare stone, she is classic yet original. She must have a perfume that reveals herself as a romantic jewel, a fragrance that evokes her worth, her many facets. She requires a scent with notes that come together in unexpected ways. The fresh bergamot joins the delicate floral ylang ylang, where a sweet tropical coconut can meet the bright earthiness of clary sage-rich patchouli merged with creamy benzoin. The outcome is her unforgettable scent trail.
She Was an Anomaly

She is a woman you will never understand and endlessly admire. She is full of contradictions; light and dark, decadent and lovely, romantic and cynical, honest and ironic. No one knows what to expect from her. Sometimes she doesn't know what to expect from herself. An overdose of sensual iris with a bite of green and zesty tangerine softly layered with sparkling white flowers and creamy sandalwood, a pinch of vanilla, and warm musk. This fragrance is a second skin for her.
Putain des Palaces

We covered the classic, the edgy, and we wouldn't be us if we didn't close with the Femme Fatale. Pardon our French, but this seductive boudoir blend of sultry powder, arresting leather notes, and tantalizing florals are not for the Green. She is a sensual imagination that will ignite your inner flames. A fantasy of a temptress in a hotel bar, yielding to desire in the intimacy of a lift or giving way to sensuality in silk sheet luxury. She is a woman of fantasy in the real world - you can see her, hear her, touch her and smell her - and then she's gone. You may never recapture those moments...unless you spritz some fragrance on.

We invite you to indulge and keep on spraying...

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