The Feminist: A Women's History Month Tribute

March celebrates Women's History Month, tied into which is International Women's Day. Ever since its inception, Etat Libre d’Orange has been an oddity, a deviation from the norm, an eccentric in the world of perfumery. We don’t fit the patterns, we don’t follow the traditions.
She Was an AnomalyImage by: @nectarnashville
Etat Libre d’Orange is an anomaly. We are different, our fragrances are different, their stories are different. We value this distinction, we celebrate it. And now we honor our difference with a perfume. A singularity. A difference. A woman you will simply never understand. This perfume was necessary. A subtle yet unique blend of iris, enveloped by musk and sandalwood. Because every woman is an individual, a powerful being, often viewed as an anomaly.

Nothing can rule us. The fall of the Kings is the fall of all the forces that oppress us and prevent us from moving forward. In order for a King to fall, an infinite number of little kingdoms must collapse: Family, Time, Love, Work, Toxic ex-lovers, the Patriarchy, the obligations to be sad, Capital, the obligation to be happy, anguish, sex and everything else that alienates us and prevents us from being truly free.
Exit The King
This is about making a perfume like a Loire castle, a perfume that could rise higher than the castle of Bloise, higher than the terrace where the last Valois watched the sun set in its glory. And then disappear, die, as if by magic before the fall. The fall of certainties, but above all, the fall of power. This is a fragrance inspired by the fall of (Patriarchal) power— Because nothing can rule us. An immaculate blend of petals in overdose, clean foam and tree moss, contrasted with patchouli on a milky skin of sandalwood and white woods.
Etat Libre d’Orange is a study in contradictions; light and dark, decadent and nice, romantic and cynical, honest and ironic.

No one knows what to expect from us.
Sometimes we don’t know what to expect from ourselves.

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