The History of Etat Libre d'Orange

Etat Libre d’Orange proudly showcases a lineup of 38 fragrances, each embodying aspiration and necessity. Prioritizing originality, daring, genuineness, and the liberty of self-expression, our brand offers unexpected scent compositions, unrestrained by conventions of creativity, materials, or expense. This ethos has fostered a devoted following who identify with our distinctiveness, honesty, and commitment to a luxurious, provocative, occasionally ironic, frequently subversive, and perpetually elegant identity. In just one decade, we have firmly established ourselves as a revered presence in perfumery.
In the Orange Free State (Better known in French as Etat Libre d’Orange), stood as an independent sovereign republic, breaking away from British rule in 1854. Its name paid homage to the Dutch royal family, the ancestors of the region’s settlers. This land was characterized by its ruggedly breathtaking landscapes, vibrant hues, and unforgettable fragrances, embodying a nation of stark contrasts, intense sentiments, and complex emotions. It was a diverse tapestry of people and cultures, thriving in its autonomy.
Unity, beauty, contrast, and above all, freedom— these principles define our company. Founded in 2006 by Etienne de Swardt, the brand name Etat Libre d’Orange, pays homage to the spirit of freedom and independence associated with the historical Orange Free State, which existed until 1902 in what is now South Africa.
Etat Libre d'Orange forged its own path, founding a Maison with the intent of sparking a revolution within Paris. With a rebellious spirit, we opened our flagship boutique at 69 Rue des Archives, a symbolic address in the historic Marais district, where our unconventional ethos found its physical manifestation.

"What we truly love at Etat Libre d'Orange is being on the corner, at the crossroad of two streets: on one side Etat Libre d'Orange is seriousness, on the other side Etat Libre d"Orange is radical non-sense."

–Etienne de Swardt, Founder
To pioneer a perfumery that defied conventions, liberating fragrances from the shackles of tradition. Creating a vision of encompassed scents that were fiercely emancipated, and irresistibly captivating. They were to be flamboyant, extravagant, flawless. At times scandalous, yet consistently delightful. Perfumes designed for life, for love, for the art of lovemaking.

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