"Way Better Than Eating Detergent"

I Am Trash

Have you heard of the #TrashTag Challenge? Way better than encouraging people to eat detergent, the new challenge encourages people to clean up trash in their communities, posting before and after images. The viral impact of #TrashTag is significant as it emphasizes how garbage-strewn some of our beaches have become.

In honor of National Beach Day, we are sharing 5 beach-y facts that will blow you out of the water and maybe even encourage you to participate in the trash clean-up movement in some form:
    1. There are more stars in the observable universe than grains of sand on earth.

    2. An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet.

    3. Not to take anything away from the stunning Grand Canyon on Earth, but the Zhemchug Canyon in the Bering Sea has a vertical relief of 8,520 feet –almost 2500 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon.

    4. Reducing trash and properly recycling can help ensure our beaches and planet stay healthy.

    5. I AM TRASH is the first-ever luxury fragrance to be created by upcycling trash. When the earth gets filthy, you may as well wear it…

We did our part with our own #TrashTag and with our own I AM TRASH fragrance -- now it’s your turn ;)

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I Am Trash
I Am Trash

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