What's in a Name, Vol. 12: EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS

Experimentum Crucis
Crucial Experience

Why it's the Scent of Summer 2023: 
 A fragrance we find revolutionary– the perfect delicate fragrance rose from spring, with the ripest notes of crisp apple and lychee. Blended with light notes of musk and patchouli to create a refined fragrance that flourishes under the sun.

Legend has it that an apple from a tree fell on Newton’s head – and thus, the theory of universal gravitation was born. But then let’s imagine a different scene – Newton, asleep under a rose bush. And instead of an apple, a flower falls, an enormous rose, a fully scented, fleshy rose. Would he have felt it? Would he have plunged his face into the heart of the flower? And what would this mean for his theory?   

Newton Your Crucial Experience showed us that colors are not characteristics of objects but properties of light. A discovery that shows that white light is a mixture of rays with the nuances of the rainbow, which shows, that just because an object IS red does not mean that we see it as red. If it appears red to our visual perception, this is because, when illuminated with a white light source (for example, sunlight), its surface absorbs all the colored light rays that compose it, EXCEPT the reds. A revelation that has changed the way we think of the world, a discovery that changed the law of physics forever. With this, we offer you EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS - our effort to change the way the world thinks about fragrance.
Experimentum Crucis
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Experimentum Crucis
Experimentum Crucis

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