What's in a Name, Vol. 4: I AM TRASH

I Am Trash

Givaudan, Ogilvy and Etat Libre d’Orange have joined creative forces. One unstoppable union in service of Mother Nature, to offer her a bouquet of forgiveness and to profoundly warn everyone that soon it will be too late...  

Les Fleurs du Déchet or I Am Trash is one of a kind beauty; it represents a passage to the adulthood of Sécrétions Magnifiques. It is a counter-revolution for Etat Libre d’Orange, still noisy and disruptive, but ultimately functional.

Dear world: Do not throw anything away because at the bottom of our trash lies the fermented distillation of great love. The garbage trucks hold flowers that can still bleed, the peels and rinds that can still give. The noxious exhalations have honey notes that can merge with the earth. All must now be repurposed. I Am Trash is the first luxury perfume created by Upcycling, by using the trashed ingredients to create something truly beautiful. Created using exhausted and drained rose petals already distilled sandalwood chips and even leftover apples from the ruthless food industry that leaves so much waste behind without ever looking back. The result is a soft fruity floral composition that refreshes and soothes, inspires and energizes.

So before it’s too late, let us (s)pray to the god of waste, our dear lord of leftovers and celebrate beauty, innovation and above all nature.
I Am Trash
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I Am Trash

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I love this perfume and I get a kick out of the name. I think it’s fun.

Renee Olichwier December 06, 2023

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