The world's first upcycled fragrance. A redefining moment on how one man's trash can become another man's treasure. We introduce to you, I Am Trash. A fresh, invigorating fragrance that consists of upcycled ingredients to create an accord that breathes a delicate, ozonic, gourmand melody.

up·cy·cle /ˈəpˌsīk(ə)l/ verb
reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

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Givaudan now creates added value from exhausted rose petals, already distilled cedarwood chips, or even apples, oranges and strawberries leftover from the food industry by extracting them a second time to highlight other facets of the ingredients, before they return to the ground– creating our bestselling fragrance: I Am Trash.

I Am Trash is a luxury perfume consisting of upcycled discarded materials, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness. Our goal is to re-establish the entry to luxury fragrance by minimizing waste and showcasing that elegance can arise from unconventional sources, aligning with modern values of environmental care and innovation.

I Am Trash X Ogilvy

Inspired by the question "How can we reuse the exorbitant amount of waste that is left over from the industry's process of fabricating perfume?" comes a new innovation in the luxury fragrance industry created in collaboration with Ogilvy and Gividaun. The first signature scent underway by the two collaborators.  I am Trash, Les fleurs du Déchet. To see beauty in trash, watch its aspiring film just as innovative as the ambition behind it.


Creating concepts that break bounds

Here at Etat Libre d'Orange, we strive as a pioneer to free perfume from traditional constraints, encouraging wearers to explore unconventional olfactory experiences. Known for our avant-garde creations, we aim to produce scents that defy expectations, focusing on uniqueness and expression– designed to provoke, stir emotions, and awaken the senses, urging our fragrance connoisseurs to venture into new scent landscapes. We believe fragrance is a work of art, blending creativity with an unwavering dedication to quality, thus offering a journey of sensory liberation and bold innovation. Join the Orange revolution and continue to break boundaries with us, through expression.


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We love the attitude of being on the borders. On one side we have seriousness and on the other side we have radical nonsense.