Mirabeau, what a pretty word, peculiarly Parisian, suspended above the Seine. It composes a memory, joins another bank, and returns by following its trail of sandalwood, pink bay and cedar. In the heart of the City of Light, on the way to the twilight of the day, there is a bridge, a poem and a perfume.

L'espérance est violente. Hope is a violent thing.


It must be said that they were written by a poet, and that his poem was about love, unhappy love. When Apollinaire composed it, the Marie he loved had left him. But we can only guess at their story, which he does not tell, and is it not the story of so many lovers? Love has fled, like water and like the days.

The perfume which will bear the name of the Mirabeau Bridge had to translate its force, because it resists the flow of the Seine and time, it is the impassive witness as it underlines the final resumption of the first verse; but the delicacy of the fragrance, mixed with this base, conveys the melancholy of lost loves, while also imposing a sharp note suitable for testifying to the " violent hope. "


A perfume to save us, fish us silently out of the water, bringing us above the Seine, our spirits on the water of our essences, bergamot and pink berry mingled with fig in a glass bottle, fiercely reuniting bodies in unison with souls, coming back to her by following her wake.


Creating concepts that break bounds

Here at Etat Libre d'Orange, we strive as a pioneer to free perfume from traditional constraints, encouraging wearers to explore unconventional olfactory experiences. Known for our avant-garde creations, we aim to produce scents that defy expectations, focusing on uniqueness and expression– designed to provoke, stir emotions, and awaken the senses, urging our fragrance connoisseurs to venture into new scent landscapes. We believe fragrance is a work of art, blending creativity with an unwavering dedication to quality, thus offering a journey of sensory liberation and bold innovation. Join the Orange revolution and continue to break boundaries with us, through expression.


A perfume house that promotes freedom of expression– with its singularity, its sincerity, unexpected, sometimes ironic, often subversive, and always elegant.


To extend the confines of perfume, to overcome the forbidden, to break the rules. To rebel. Juices that are designed to disturb, to touch, to tempt, to seduce.


We love the attitude of being on the borders. On one side we have seriousness and on the other side we have radical nonsense.