“10 Winter Fragrances We Love” – GQ

A friendly PSA we’d like to pass along from the experts at GQ: “what soothes the senses in June is far different from what calms you in December”. In fact, much like your winter clothes and shoes, a “cold-weather fragrances will warm you up—not literally but in a placebo kind of way.”

For their “Best Colognes for Winter” round-up, GQ has specially called upon Exit The King:

“This one is soapy, which always feels silly when describing a fragrance, but it's oh so fresh, and Exit the King combines that with a spirit-warming envelopment of patchouli and oakmoss.”

Exit The King | Best Cologne for Winter

Get ahead of the cold, and everyone else, with the unique warmth of our newest scent, Exit The King.

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