Fragrances to Help you Take Charge of 2021

Only a few weeks into the new year, and we can already tell that 2021 is going to throw us for quite a ride.

As always, we’re gearing up to enjoy the ride. If you want to join us, with a Diehard spirit - here are four fragrances to help you take charge of 2021. Just one spritz and you’ll find yourself cloaked with an invisible shield of armour that keeps you ready and resilient to push forward through it all.

Do not believe what you first see… Rien is a second skin perfume, a perfume that clings to the body and perseveres in the mind. It has the meticulous elegance and hypnotic beauty that leaves an unforgettable imprint. And with its enchanting spray suddenly, nothing becomes everything.

Hermann A Mes Cotes


Your shadow could have a name, like Hermann. Or your shadow could be your perfume. Regardless, this is your companion. This is your alternative self. As you move through life and contemplate its meaning, you ask unanswerable questions. When you’re overwhelmed with uncertainties, look to your shadow.

Eau de Protection


Made in collaboration with Rossy de Palma, this protective potion, could only be made by the crushing of armfuls of roses. Delicate roses protected by thorny stems. Get too close, and they’ll turn red with blood, a piercing note leaving the flavor of fire on lips that suck the finger pricked as a warning.

500 Years


The powerful story of mankind delivered to you in a perfume. An eternal trail of incense and oud serving the majestic rose. Bold, spicy with insight and alliance for the skin. The power of spices and the sense of something precious to keep pushing you forward.  

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