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The (Almost) Complete Collection

Our very own (Almost) Complete Collection (only $45.00) has been featured in The Strategist’s ranking of Top 8 Best Perfume Sample Sets To Try.

For those who are new to perfume, the general appeal of Sample Sets is pretty straightforward:

“Sample sets are an easy, low-stakes way to try out intriguing scents, test the compatibility with your skin chemistry, and expand your perfume wardrobe without having to commit to a full-size bottle.”
In addition to the financial benefit, Sample Sets also pose a few functional benefits. They’re small and portable. They offer a variety of scents to experience. They provide a sense of transportive escapism. They don’t require you to leave your house. They don’t require you to wear pants:

“During quarantine I haven’t always put on pants, but I’ve always put on perfume. With its transportive abilities, wearing perfume is an act of escapism — spritz on a tropical coconut scent and voilà, you’re tanning on a beach in Bali. Receiving a new sample set in the mail is like taking a mini vacation to a faraway locale; a tiny dab whisks you to a different time and place — a blessing when you’ve been stuck inside the same four walls for months on end.”

The Strategist
The (Almost) Complete Collection

But our (Almost) Complete Collection is extra special.  It takes the appeal of Sample Sets one step further than the rest: 

“If you have no desire to smell like everyone else — you scoff at “Daisy,” shun “Santal 33,” and pooh-pooh “Light Blue” — then [Etat Libre d’Orange] is one of the more outré perfume houses, offering up fragrances with names like “Fat Electrician” (vetiver, vanilla, myrrh) and “Putain des Palaces” (smells exactly how you imagine a seedy hotel would smell like). The (Almost) Complete Collection includes 20 vials containing nearly every fragrance ELdO has produced, and is an excellent vehicle for dipping your toes into the more niche corners of the perfume world. I adore some of the scents in the collection and absolutely loathe others, but I’m glad to have experienced them all because I’ve never encountered anything quite like them.”

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to keep the pants off and get your sample set delivered! 

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I always purchase samples before buying full-size perfumes, and this shopping approach is especially newbie-friendly. It’s a great way to explore original fragrances mentioned in the article. Additionally, I also buy some brand perfume samples from both branddecant and Sephora. This way, I can decide which fragrance to use based on different occasions and moods.

Ella Hanley December 06, 2023

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