“Spring’s Best Fragrances” – Vogue

She Was An Anomaly

Perhaps Vogue said it best: “Nothing is as readily associated with fragrance as spring. Even if you aren’t putting on a scent of your own, nature provides plenty of olfactory inspiration.”

While “Spring 2021 may come with caveats—you should keep that mask on even if you’re stopping to smell the roses—its themes of renewal and reinvention are intact.”   

So let’s leave it to fragrance to yield this season’s “optimistic sense of promise,” more specifically to She Was An Anomaly.   

“The name comes from Lisa Simone’s quote talking about her mother, iconic singer and civil rights activist Nina, but it can apply to anyone who defies categorization.”   

“Fittingly, the scent by perfumer Daniela Andrier heads in an unexpected direction with green tangerine, vanilla, purses, and Amberfix, a synthetic ambergris note merging into a surreal blend that takes the idea of perfume and turns it on its head.”   

An unexpected, swoon-worthy scent, She Was An Anomaly was most recently featured on Billie Eilish’s Instagram story. “When a fragrance gets the Billie Eilish seal of approval, you know it’s cool.” Couple that with Vogue’s seal of approval and you just know you’ll have to try it 

She Was An Anomaly
She Was An Anomaly Sample
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