A Masterclass in Spraying and Spritzing

No puns intended. Spraying and spritzing is as much a forte as sliding into DMs, but when it comes to fragrances, there is an art to how to seduce your onlookers' noses with a scent-sation that is unforgettable.

Behold, a Masterclass.
This will show you the importance of strength and longevity of your scents, depending on how you wear them.
Pulse points:
Spritz your scents where you wish to be smelled: on your wrists, near your cuffs, on the back of your palms, or on your forearms, on your neck, or in any areas you wish to be kissed (be careful).
Spray the sides of your neck, or the back. You will get a more far more natural scent than if sprayed in the front, and others will be drawn to you from several feet away... maybe even miles away.
Waltz into your perfume:
Or walk, or strut, or twerk. Whatever your preference. For those who prefer subtle notes without overpowering others, spritz it into the air and walk into your perfume to embrace a natural scent instead of masking it.
Delicately spritz your clothes:
No, don't splatter. You will stain your clothes, so instead, lightly spritz your clothing from a distance to prevent damaging the attire. You will radiate a wafting of your favorite perfume as you walk by.

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