From One Fiancé to Another

Who else thinks it's a summer of weddings?

Wedding SZN is upon us. Rather it be a shotgun wedding or a fairytale fantasy the church bells are swinging, and we would be honored to be part of your special day! Discover what our favorite fragrance would pair perfectly with your wedding and love-themed getaway.
The Romantic Wedding
Two souls coming together, a twin flame to soul mates. From one soul to bare another. The classic romantic tale that holds as true as time. A cathedral wedding, with white florals and the sounds of wedding bells to match the church. Families are intertwined and celebrate the connection of unison. The traditional scents of delicate and clean ambery wood keep the day grounded with love and traditions to follow through generations, from one soul to another.

The Ghost in the Shell
Wedding of the Future
The Urban love affair for the modern and contemporary souls. For the artists who enjoy loud and colorful nights and thrive off the energy of the eccentric muses surrounding them. The high chapelled walls holding you on your special day are filled with polished marble, and sleek, chic fashion wear of Haute Couture and orchids expanded across each room. A fragrance mysterious and sensual to waltz you into the honeymoon for a modern lover- not everyone's first choice but most definitely yours. Release your ghost from its shell on your special day. 

Yes I Do
The Wedding of Whimsy
The name is sensual, but it smells oh so sweet and innocent. Powdery, marshmallow, and a hint of floral notes all dance into one. The perfect fantasy filled with exuberant pink flowers and a delicate royal aesthetic to match. A day taken place outdoors, free of any care in the world, washed away by the essence of love and memories. Your day is effortlessly how it should be whimsical, elegant, and remembered. Nothing better than to say, “Yes, I Do.”

You or Someone Like You
It's Bohemian-Chic Time
Mint, the smell of fresh-cut flowers, and detailed lace. Your guest comes in unconventional attire, mix-matched by the thread and neither the chairs nor the flowers matter to match. But, the special day has everything curated that you and your partner love and hold true. The fine details are brushed away as the importance of wedding bells is the true note that brings everyone in the room together. You or Someone Like You is for the unconventional but irreplaceable.

Like This
Off Season Glam
Notes of pumpkin, very ambery and warm, like the scent of autumn or the dead of winter when the shadows dance in corners behind you. The expressive couple who hopes for wind and rain on their special day. For those that expel the thought of white, and portray their wedding wardrobe in red or black. A fragrance for the lovers who sit by the sweltering fires and read books of lore to pass the evening. The dreamers have fantasies for a wedding to be just, Like This.

Tom of Finland
Love is Love, Always
Love is love, regardless of how you identify. Cheers to the wedding that is bold, and beautiful a celebration of commitment that doesn't mark to a standard of how others may see you. Like Tom of Finland, this is a celebration of expression, love, and liberation, which we hope to carry and bring to you on a day that will last forever. It’s iconic, irreplaceable, and most importantly holds bold notes of a sensual leather fantasy, the perfect spray for your queer wedding day.

The Destination Wedding
Citrusy and bright, instead you are on a coastal getaway across the Meditteranean or the Parisian countryside, the color white is bright and present. The sun is beaming with fresh aromatic notes that fill the air like that of the love shared with those closest that surround you. A favorite fragrance filled with orange blossom and clean musk is ever so fitting for linen suits and silks—the fragrance that always accompanies you on every gushing getaway and now your special day.

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