Are Scents Seasonal?

Have you been loyal to the same fragrance for years? If a person is faithful to one fragrance all year round, regardless of the season, we refer to it as a "signature scent". Then again, others like to alternate their scent with the seasons.

Changing your Perfume with the Seasons
As the vibrant seasons paint the world in different hues, we often find ourselves wondering:
Are scents seasonal too? 

We believe that fragrances hold the power to evoke memories, emotions, and experiences tied to each season.
Rain or Shine - one thing’s for sure: you never leave your home without a layer of perfume!

We often focus on our personality, tastes, and age when searching for the perfect scent. While it’s true that our fragrance should embody our true essence, it should also reveal our mindset at any given time.

From balmy summer evenings under the stars to cozy nights by the fireplace, our emotions change with the weather. It’s no wonder you need to choose a new fragrance as the seasons change.

Let your feelings guide you and reveal who you are.
A Fragrance According to the Season

In the world of perfumery, each season boasts a distinctive set of iconic notes and scents. Whether warm and seductive or fresh and fruity, every fragrance reveals a different side as the seasons change.

1. Choosing a fragrance for spring 

Spring is a season symbolizing the renewal of nature, marked by blooming, delicacy, and revitalization. Fresh and subtle fragrances are the ideal way to reveal your sensual side during this season, opting for floral and fruity accords.
2. Choosing a fragrance for summer

As you relax by the poolside or bask in the sun at the beach, opt for exquisitely fresh scents.  Citrus notes for their refreshing feel, Marine notes are particularly interesting in summer because they remind us of sea spray - making them particularly captivating during the summer season.
3. Choosing a fragrance for autumn

This season, focus on warm, enveloping fragrances that are full of character. Strong scents with woody and spicy notes are ideal for this special season. We think the ultimate notes to warm things up and leave hearts racing in the fall are musk or sandalwood.
4. Choosing a fragrance for winter

Now it’s time for rich, bold scents to reinvigorate those sleepy senses. Winter is the ideal season for fragrances with warm notes of amber, coffee, and musk which are ideal for their comforting and soothing effect.

The question remains: Are you willing to challenge your loyalty to your beloved "signature scent" this coming season? Think outside the box and be sure to take advantage of the changing seasons as inspiration when choosing your next fragrance.

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