Autumn’s Awakening

Autumn has a personality of its own. It’s characterized by crisp air and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING! You aren't able to think of fall without thinking of warm spices and falling leaves.

Autumn-esque fragrances fall into 4 categories: spicy, sweet, fruity, and woody.
Spicy Fall Notes: Think warm, zesty, and aromatic. Spicy fall scents add complexity, depth, and dimension to any fragrance. The following are some of the best spicy fall aromas.

If cozy had a scent, it would be cinnamon. The beautiful balance of warmth and sharpness makes this fragrance note perfectly complex, even on its own. It pairs beautifully with sweet and fruity notes.
Scents to Try: Noel Au Balcon

Cardamom is both warm and spicy. It’s reminiscent of many fall spice blends and can subtly elevate a variety of fragrance blends.
Scents to Try: Spice Must Flow & 500 Years

Pink Pepper
Pink pepper is an unexpectedly unique, floral, and earthy spice. It’s amazing at gently balancing out sweet notes.
Scents to Try: Archives 69 & Exit The King
Sweet Fall Notes: Sweets and fall make an iconic duo when it comes to food, drinks, scented candles, and perfumes. If you’re looking for a cozy, warm, and mouthwatering fragrance, explore the delightful sweet notes listed below.

We can’t talk about fall without talking about pumpkins. They just go hand in hand! It’s fair to be skeptical of it as a perfume scent but trust us. Subtle notes of pumpkin mixed with other spicy and citrusy notes make for a delightfully autumnal fragrance.
Scents to Try: Like This

Vanilla might be the sweetest scent. It seamlessly transitions through all seasons, yet it truly shines in the embrace of autumn's scents. Its sweet and warming qualities make it the quintessential aroma for cozy sweater weather.
Scents to Try: Soul of my Soul & Fat Electrician
Woody Fall Notes: As autumn rolls in, there's an unmistakable charm in the transformation of trees, both in their vibrant hues and the earthy fragrances they release. Woody scents are some of the most naturally pleasing. That's precisely why they take center stage in the realm of fall fragrances. There are countless variations of woodsy smells. The following are a few of the woody notes we think are a must!

This scent will transport you to a mountain road where the skies are blue and the air is crisp. Pine has a distinct scent. When paired with other scents, it is simply irresistible.
Scents to Try: Tom of Finland

Cedarwood is often used in cabinetry, pencils, and cigar boxes. This scent highlights a different woodsy essence than pine. It has a richer, deeper, and more pungent scent. It’s a delightful addition to any fall scent.
Scents to Try: Jasmin et Cigarette & She was an Anomaly
Fruity Fall Notes: Don't limit fruity scents to just summer. Adding notes of fruitiness to your fragrance creates a harmonious and easy-to-wear perfume blend. Look for the following tangy, sweet, bright scents in your fall fragrances.

Autumn marks the arrival of apple season, that’s one reason it’s the perfect fruity fall scent. Its floral, fruity, crisp, and sweet scent harmonizes beautifully with other autumnal fragrances such as pink pepper and cedarwood.
Scents to Try: I Am Trash & Experimentum Crucis

Pear is similar to apple but more understated and earthy. You’ll enjoy its gently sweet and bright scent in your fragrance.
Scents to Try: The Ghost In The Shell

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