“Billie Eilish's Perfume Stash” – Who What Wear, Cosmopolitan, Vogue

While most of us “sadly never gotten close enough to sniff this young queen, any speculation about her signature scent would have been a shot in the dark—until now, that is.”

Billie Eilish recently shared her favorite perfumes on her Instagram Story in response to a question from her fans. Now, having one fragrance pictured in her stash would’ve been enough of an honor, but Billie featured THREE Etat Libre d’Orange fragrances. We are forever humbled, honored, and deceased. The fandom is mutual. Check out her (fantastic) picks below:

1. She Was An Anomaly
She Was An Anomaly
We could totally picture (smell) Eilish in She Was An Anomaly.

It’s a surreal fragrance with a unique and soothing iris, creamy cedarwood, and sparkling tangerine resting on a bed of warm vanilla with a touch of synthetic ambergris, giving it an almost animalistic vibe. It’s soft and edgy, assertive and gentle; it doesn’t fit the patterns or traditions.

“A tribute to women who deviate from the norm”, as Vogue experts put it.
2. I Am Trash
I Am Trash
As Eilish often posts about plant-based food and is clearly supportive of the clean movement, we are stoked to see I Am Trash on her perfume shelf.

The first luxury perfume created using Upcycling technique, the fragrance is made of 100% trashed ingredients. We’re talking exhausted rose petals, already distilled sandalwood chips, rotten orange peels carefully upcycled together for the most wanted scent made from the most unwanted ingredients.

“She's a beauty icon in the making” –Who What Wear
…and she definitely knows what’s up.
3. La Fin Du Monde
I Am Trash
And last but not certainly not least, Eilish pictured La Fin Du Monde.

A playful spoof on “The End Of The World,” You may ask, How does it smell? The androgynous scent starts with a blast of popcorn accord, carrot, and sesame seeds, it quickly melts into the dry vetiver with a touch of powdery iris and fresh freesia, ending with a blast of gunpowder and soft sandalwood base. This must be one of the strangest (we mean it in the best way possible) gourmand fragrances, even scoring a FiFi award (the Oscars of Perfumes) in 2014.

Already sold out, if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll either have to sign-up to get notified when it’s available or stay on the lookout for it in our Stories.

For anyone who has yet to try this scent, you can run not walk to get a sample of it, or better yet go with (Almost) Complete Discovery Set.

Finally able to lift our jaws off the floor, we can now echo the sentiments of our friends at Cosmopolitan, “Her collection was as niche and eclectic as you'd expect from The Queen of Cool.”

A big thank you to Billie Eilish, Cosmopolitan, Who What Wear, and Vogue for the epic features!

Try all 3 fragrances featured in Billie's Perfume Stash!

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