What's in a Name, Vol. 2: BIJOU ROMANTIQUE

Bijou Romantique
Precious Gem

This is a portrait of a real lady, painted in beautiful warm shades of pink pepper, creamy ylang-ylang, and soft powdery iris enveloped in vanilla. She can be seen in the feminine cameo, in the soft, delicate profile, in the dreamy image of an incandescent beauty. She is a jewel. Like the proverbial woman of virtue, her price is far above rubies or pearls.  

We couldn’t have picked a better fragrance to celebrate Mother's Day than this Precious Gem. Queens for all days, this day is just extra special. Whether you have one mom to spoil or multiple generations of Queens to celebrate, give them a gift, that keeps on giving. She is both retro and modern at heart. She is soft and she is strong. She requires a scent with notes that come together in unexpected ways. The opening of bergamot mingles with peppery ylang-ylang dipped in coconut milk; the golden amber with a touch of tangy sage caresses delicate iris petals. After a few hours on skin, the fragrance settles into the familiar texture of leather bag interior, warm and suede-like with a resinous touch of vanilla and earthy patchouli. Treat her well, as She is a Gem, and she is Precious.

Bijou Romantique
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