Eat, Drink & Stink

Eat, Drink & Stink
Welcome to the eat, drink and stink rampage! As the fall approaches, there is nothing more exciting than the opportunity to indulge in what we love the most, good smells. Enjoy our curated autumn pairings with our favorite gourmand's fragrances of the season that inspired the best food and drink recipes to compliment.
Movie Night Madness:
Caramel Popcorn
Hot Cocoa
Yes I Do
For the nights we crave something sweet and romantic. A fun twist to date night with the creamy vanilla tonka, the saltiness of popcorn, and the ever-so-delicate whisper of marshmallows. It's fun, flirty, and ever so sweet, so the perfect lazy night adventure.
Cinnamon Swirl Delights:
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
Experimentum Crucis
A twist on dessert, something sweet without the taste of overbearing sugars. A spice that envelopes the aromas with delicate elements of citrus to truly bring together a fall-forward fragrance. A baked treat paired with cider for a dessert and a pleasant end to a fun-filled movie night, and cheers with friends. The perfect aromas create the move inviting atmosphere to surround you.
Unique Blends:
Tacos with Cherry Salsa
Secretions Magnifiques
For the refined palates of those looking for something a bit different. Creations that are an experience each on their own, but combined create something truly magnificent. Various notes of Secretions Magnifiques create a robust metallic iodized accord, similar to the aftertaste of a fine wine like a deep Malbec. Scents and tastes for the unmissably daring and adventurous, feed the soul of the creative.
Enriched in Spice:
Lamb Lollipops
Dry Riesling
Rien Intense Incense
Herbs, herbs, and more herbs. The perfect combination of full immense flavor that will stimulate your senses. The recipe that is brought out for special occasions, holidays, and life-changing events will always warrant compliments. Rein Intense Incense will captivate its warm and inviting notes of black pepper, and cummin, with the most pleasant sillage of citrus and oakmoss.
Comfy & Cozy:
Crispy Smashed Potatoes
Smoked Rosemary Bourbon
500 Years
For the rainy evenings when the weather calls you to bundle up. A serenity of warmth, comfort, and familiar fragrances that ignite the soul. 500 Years engulfed by the touch of humankind and in its wake the majestic memory of the rose, the power of spices, and the sense of something precious. A fragrance that will hold you close for the next, 500 years and your favorite soul-soothing cocktail.
Recipe Inspiration:
Cocktail Inspiration: (Nix the sour if you want to keep it smokey!)
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