Halloween as told by Etat Libre d'Orange

Welcome to the Etat Libre d’Orange Halloween Funhouse. An adult funhouse filled with costumed fantasies that are olfactively exposed. And in our funhouse, you will find:

Fat Electrician

Next to come by are a slew of cheeky creatives: a social [media] butterfly, a pig in a blanket, and a fat electrician. And to finish their clever, finely crafted costumes they’ll wear an equally cheeky, but finely crafted scent which showcases an earthy vetiver modernized by woody Vanilla Bean and sweet Myrrh.

Putain des Palaces

The not so subtle seductresses dressed as a busty nurse, a slutty pumpkin, and a playboy bunny. Heightened in confidence, they’ll tantalize you with their boudoir blend of sultry powder, arresting leather and voluminous florals. A heart-racing Halloween fantasy.

La Fin Du Monde

And finally, when you least expect it: an attack of post-apocalyptic zombies, grim reapers, and Mad Maxs.  Each cloaked in the scent of the end of the world: La Fin Du Monde.  The scent of the end of the world? Yes, an ironic popcorn accord to tribute all the apocalyptic movies, blasted with powdery notes of Iris and Gunpowder, and brought to a subdued ending by Sandalwood.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed our funhouse and we wish you a very fantastical Halloween, 

– Etat Libre d’Orange

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