The Perfume of Liberation | National Coming Out Day

Come out, come out, whoever you are, and find the fragrance that calls your name.

In honor of National Coming Out Day, we would like to remind you that  Etat Libre d’Orange is the perfume of liberation.

In 2007, we introduced  Tom of Finland, in cooperation with the Tom of Finland Foundation.  We wanted to pay tribute to the artist known for his homoerotic art and his influence on gay culture. "The true erotic power of flesh and a leather jacket." We are all the sons of Tom and  the passion continues strong and vivid with just a spray, come on, be brave, explore who your are, magical and masculine.

In 2012, we released  The Afternoon of a Faun, to celebrate 100 years of synesthesia blending music, poetry and dance in a bottle. "Did I love a dream ?"  what a question to bring back to life on your skin the esthetic of the Russian ballet dancer, Vaslav Nijinski, and the musical harmony of french composer, Claude Debussy, to glorify a nymph and a faun eternally, the bodies reign supreme.

And that’s not all we offer to celebrate this day.  At Etat Libre d’Orange , perfumes don’t have genders. Just as we believe in the freedom to be who you are, we believe in the freedom to choose the fragrance that reflects you.

So, on this National Coming Out Day, break free, come out, speak up, and smell good!

Etienne de Swardt

the nose behind Etat Libre d'Orange

“It takes a dangerous man to make a dangerous perfume.” –  Troublemaker & Perfumer

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