Love still conquers all ⚣⚢⚤⚧ Pride & ‘Queer Eye’

June is Pride month.    

A month in which the historically oppressed LGBTQ community becomes globally celebrated with parades, festivities and events promoting self-love. It is also a month of reflecting on how we can individually and systemically continue to better accept and respect all people. How we can empower people to love who they want to love and be whoever they want to be. A month in which we work towards a world of sincere fairness, freedom, and celebration for everyone. 

After all LOVE is love and LOVE still conquers all.

To add onto the celebrations, we proudly share that we’ve been spotted on Season 5 of Netflix’s Queer Eye. The heart-warming reality series showcases the emotionally-charged makeovers of the most deserving individuals by the most fabulous 5 men. During this season, they hand-picked You or Someone Like You for the fragrant portion of their makeovers. A fresh and crisp scent that celebrates LA and its endless possibilities for a life reinvented; just like on the show.

As seen on Queer Eye Season 5:  You or Someone Like You Candle, You or Someone Like You Fragrance 


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