Scented Pleasures to Treasure

Nothing is as evocative as a really good fragrance. Fragrances can make you feel happy, comforted, or even repulsed. We’ve rounded up three fragrances that will always make you smile:  

I Am Trash – Do good, smell good, feel good, repeat. I Am Trash is a fragrance entirely made of upcycled ingredients, of ingredients that others have used and now consider trash; this fragrance does good. An amazing blend of juicy fruits, a touch of fresh florals, and smooth woods; this fragrance smells good. Knowing that this incredible scent is completely upcycled, this fragrance can’t help but make you feel so good. Thoughtful originality to be sprayed again and again for continued good vibes. 

You or Someone Like You – Close your eyes and imagine those clear, blue California skies. Feels good doesn’t it? With You or Someone Like You, you can now smell that exact good feeling. Bring a little bit of the Los Angeles skyline inside with this fresh, aromatic, minty blend. A cool, luminous, and inviting scent that can’t help but make you smile.

Remarkable People Who doesn’t love champagne and celebrations? A mingle of grapefruit and champagne accord elate the senses with this fun, spicy perfume. While champagne alone could make us happy, what’s even more to love about this fragrance is what it represents:” An olfactive toast to those who defy convention”. A toast to those Remarkable People of our Free State of Orange, to you! 

One fresh, one fruity, and one spicy – these three fragrances will definitely make all taste preferences and hearts happy.

Lina Nieves

Etat Libre d’Orange Sales Expert

"Nothing is as evocative as a really good fragrance."

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