Make Your Fragrance Last

You’ve found your new favorite fragrance, now what?!
Here are some tips on how to keep your scent lasting in the bottle and on your skin.

It all starts with storage. 

Yes, we’re speaking to those of you who keep their fragrance in their bathroom! You’re essentially killing your perfume slowly with each steamy shower. Instead you want to keep your perfumes stored at room temperature or cooler and out of direct sunlight.

Now that your bottle is safe, you want it to last on your skin all day long – here’s how:

1) When spraying on skin, you may want to first apply an unscented moisturizer as moisturized skin is proven to hold fragrance longer.

2) Don't rub your wrists! Spray the fragrance and just let it set. Otherwise you'll break down the molecular composition and ultimately shorten its lasting ability.

3) Consider applying to your clothes and hair, both of these retain fragrance much longer than skin.

4) Lastly, spray where you’d like to be smelled. Back of the neck, your inner elbow, or maybe your inner thighs! (we won’t judge)

Marisa Auciello

Etat Libre d’Orange Sales Expert



It also depends on the oils in your skin which doesn’t always help when you get a scent that just doesn’t work for you.

Pyrrhus December 06, 2023

I’m patiently waiting for my trash, and these are awesome tips! I haven’t even smelled it yet so I’m hopeful I love it! Thank you all!

@ce December 06, 2023

I always spray back of neck under hair and on as you walk away, you leave a lingering scent 💗

Trish May 18, 2020

Great tips! I do a single spritz on the back of my head, with my hair lifted. As I walk, a little scent travels behind me. I’ve had men AND women stop me and tell me they love the scent and that they didn’t notice until I passed them. It wasn’t strong like some people do that can be overbearing. Just enough to get their attention. Works really well with I Am Trash <3

Michelle May 18, 2020

It would be nice if perfumers put stabilizers back into perfumes. I understand that is one of the ingredients now restricted by IFRA regulations. Nothing can correct a weak fragrance besides buying a better one. All these “tips” are useless if your base is feeble. The only thing I can do that helps is a dab of Vaseline rubbed into the spot I plan to apply perfume. It gives the perfume something to hold on to and extends the life of the fragrance with better (not great, but better than normal) projection.

Ana May 18, 2020

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