We are all Remarkable People

When you hear the word ‘remarkable’ who do you think of? Who in your life is exceptional, extraordinary, and worthy of all attention? It’s probably someone who often times isn’t noticed or praised on the daily: your mom, your husband, your best friend. It may even be the random stranger you witness do a good deed at the grocery store. 

Etat Libre d'Orange’s Remarkable People is dedicated to that extraordinary person who isn’t in the public eye, who isn’t always thanked due to them being just an ‘average joe’. But in your eyes, they aren’t just an ‘average joe’, they are unforgettable.

Currently we believe we are all remarkable people. Large populations have been staying inside and quarantined to protect those around us from an invisible enemy. A world coming together to bring back normalcy once again. 

Remarkable People is an olfactive toast to those who don’t look for praise. This warm citrus composition opens with  a celebratory champagne accord, flows into a heart of jasmine, and finishes with a warm base  of sandalwood.

So, cheers to us, to you, and to all the 
Remarkable People.

Lauren Tranchina

Etat Libre d’Orange Sales Expert

"Stay safe, stay Remarkable!"

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