What would Matthew McConaughey do?

Talking about forced confinement it rings the bell of Interstellar when Cooper said:

"Oh we are not prepared for this. We have the survival skills of a Boy Scout troop! "

I am a huge fan of Matthew McConaughey from Contact to Interstellar. I bought last week the Carhartt weathered Detroit jacket. See [below] the fantastic resemblance. Kids are always kidding me here when I ask them a question they respond ironically "What would Matthew McConaughey do?"

"I am ok to go" would have said Jodi Foster a.k.a Professor Arroway in Contact, so am I ;-)

Matthew McConaughey in Intersteller

Etienne wearing his replica Carhartt weathered Detroit jacket

And for your, and my, entertainment a list of movies to distract and take you far away:

Christopher Nolan 2014

Denis Villeneuve 2016

The Man Who Would Be King 
John Huston 1976

Short Cuts 
Robert Altman 1994

David Lynch 1984

Laurence of Arabia
David Lean 1963

Blade Runner

Priscilla Queen of The Desert

Ridley Scott 1979

Randal Kleiser 1978

and the Star Wars saga 
(of course) 

"I am still hoping being the
chosen one as there is another sky walker somewhere said Yoda, so it could be me, but in the meantime I carefully follow my wife’s instructions when lost in the supermarket."

Hope all is fine for you and your family!                                            


Etienne de Swardt

Etienne de Swardt

the nose behind Etat Libre d'Orange

“It takes a dangerous man to make a dangerous perfume.” –  Troublemaker & Perfumer


Fantastic list of movies, and a good amount of the ones you picked are easily my favourites. Would be awesome to have a scent inspired by Laurence of Arabia.

Pyrrhus December 06, 2023

Sounds like catchy names

Will Brunson December 06, 2023

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful and attractive place. Madrid, Chueca, summer of 2016. Partner and I were having breakfast and a rugged Spaniard passes by and his scent captivated our attention. I had to ask him what was he wearing. He replied RIEN by Etat Libre d’Orange. Rien hasn’t stopped from proving it is a dangerous perfume. From that day we have been incrementing our ELDO collection. Thank you again.


I love your movie recommendations and your perfumes!!! The fragances have comforted me through these trying times. Thank you and stay well.

Angel May 18, 2020

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