Your Scent is in the Stars: EARTH

The constellations in the sky tell us things, but how often do we look up to watch them and learn from them? Just like how you opt to look to astrology to see what lies in your career, love life, bank account or sex closet, let’s explore the scent-zodiac pairing with a focus on what scent is in the stars. Continuing the legacy with earth signs. 
Earth is our home, something very real, feel-able and grounded, literally.  The earth gives birth not just to plants, herbs and spices, but to precious stones, harvests and soils rich in minerals which feed the material world. We touch, share, indulge and embrace all things with it, and the signs as such gravitate towards stability, practicality and comfort.   

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Exit The King
Taurus is ruled by Venus and loves things that are earthy, albeit rich, fabulous, and refined. Luxe and tactile, the Taurus loves a  rich woody green fragrance with notes of sandalwood and patchouli, but still fit for a king. Which is why we choose EXIT THE KING. A fragrance inspired by the fall of (Patriarchal) power— Because nothing can rule us. An immaculate blend of petals in overdose, clean foam and tree moss, contrasted with patchouli on a milky skin of sandalwood and white woods.
Hermann a Mes Cotes
The perfectionists who are borderline detail oriented to a T, they lead by being fiercely organized. Yet, they are grounded, and almost reclusive when needing to recharge. They have a forrestial vibe and gravitate to greens and florals, similar to the Earth they inhabit, with a dose of freshness. HERMANN A MES COTES ME PARAISSAIT UNE OMBRE; call it by its name or, more simply, by ‘Hermann’.  Either way the people who compliment you are going to need to know which fragrance you’re wearing.  A cool, sheer and woody blend that is unlike any other.
500 Years
Aggressive, yet dreamers and doers, the Capricorn is so stable in emotional life that they are often reclusive. Fragrances are thus nostalgic, classy, timeless and distinguished, as they like to be in fancy, high end places. Think of something big on tradition, nostalgia, and warmth. 500 YEARS is the story of mankind delivered to you in a perfume. An eternal trail of incense and oud serving the majestic rose. Bold, spicy with insight and alliance for the skin.
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange

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