Your Scent is in the Stars: AIR

Keep scrolling, they say. We often forget how attuned to browsing we are, so much so that we forget the stars are watching us. In a similar way to swiping left or right, choosing a new scent can be daunting, sensual, platonic or narcissistic, depending on your zodiac. Similar to life’s other practical and possessive choices, let’s continue the scent-zodiac pairing with exploring air signs.
Air signs, like the oxygen we breathe, are necessary for our survival, and are thus intellectual and communicative. Experts of all things ephemeral, they transform and inhabit any space that lacks a physical form, and can intoxicate and toxify as well as liberate and literally breathe oxygen into life. The overindulgence in vulnerability makes them a fantasy. Like free spirits, they are not limited by space and can drift everywhere, from different places to distinct people.   

The air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Dangerous Complicity
The duality in a Gemini ensures they enjoy a combination of notes. The air sign has a variety of choices that they enjoy, and are experimental in nature, often preferring things that juxtapose a duality unlike any other, or simply a craving of variety. DANGEROUS COMPLICITY includes such a duality. The scent of skin on skin as Inspired by Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, and in doing so, complicity took on another dimension and became dangerous. An aphrodisiac rush of ginger and rum runs through a fleshly apricot cheek and the lost innocence of Jasmine and Osmanthus, warmed by cashmere wood.
Archives 69
Charmers, the Librans get the balancing act right, for they balance their wisdom with their attraction, and overall go for a timeless scent. They almost always have a crush on someone, and are experts at flirting and wooing. They are romantic though, and prefer the floral and woody blends to help with this flirtatious tactic. ARCHIVES 69 is the essence, and the flagship address, of Etat Libre d’Orange. This is a perfume designed to free the senses. An utterly unique, medicinal Camphor blend with the spice of Pink Pepper and Incense.  All rounded by light floral notes of Orchid and sweet Prune.
Like This
Ever met someone with their head in the clouds and an eccentric personality when on earth? That’s an Aquarius. They thrive in decision making and are charmers who like to keep things cool. Warm and cool combos will help them from getting lost in their thoughts of how to save the world. LIKE THIS is a fragrance that feels uniquely yours and embracingly familiar.  A fragrance that feels like being snuggled up in your home.  A fragrance that feels Like This.  A cozy, skin-hugging sweetness nestled with soft spices and unique, orange citrus notes.
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange

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I’ve never done this before but I’m wondering what my sign scent is

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