Your Scent is in the Stars: WATER

Just like how you opt to look at the stars on a dreamy night, or scroll through zodiacs to see what lies in your career, love life, bank account or sex closet, indulge in what your fragrance horoscope says about what you should smell like. Continuing the legacy with water signs.
The epitome of passion and romance, the water is closely linked to the moon. Both elements speak of emotion, memory, longing, love, intuition, and insatiable depth. Water signs are deep, lunar and have an almost transient, hypnotic quality that sinks one into an abyss. They occupy the shape of any vessel they are poured in, whether it is a human, a feeling, a memory, and are thus impossible to forget.  

The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Yes I Do
The most emotional of all signs, ruled by the moon, and prefer the sweet, romantic scents. Mild, moody, intense, but deeply passionate, their scent of choice is one that is comforting yet powerful. They veer towards soft florals or bright citrusy notes to bring happiness into the lives of those that smell them. YES I DO speaks to their matrimonial tendencies, the seductive side of the not-so-innocent mademoiselle. The sweetness of marshmallow enflowered by an elegant and feminine bouquet of orange blossom and lily-of-the-valley gives way to a hint of seductive patchouli.
Attaquer le Soleil
The dark, broody, sexy and dangerous sign, which while emotional is extremely intelligent and undeniably charming. They like playing dark games and enjoy intimacy. Plenty of it. Scorpios need perfumes that match their sense of passion and power that is altogether so mysterious and sensual, that the fragrance needs to seduce and bewitch. ATTAQUER LE SOLEIL MARQUIS DE SADE is a tribute to Marquis de Sade, the father of sadism, the man who wanted to attack the sun and ignite the world, liberate us from our preconceptions, break down the barriers which keep us from accepting our own desires. We identify with him, because we try to do the same.  The pleasure and the pain of Labdanum.
Experimentum Crucis
Very emotional and empathetic, and symbolized by oceanic fish, Pisces are high on emotion but retain a sense of mystery and fantasy, owing to their proximity to merfolk. Aquatic scents are a mainstay, as they like all things natural and light. EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS embraces the rose and blueness they desire. Legend has it that an apple from a tree fell on Newton’s head – and thus, the theory of universal gravitation was born. But let’s reimagine. Instead of an apple, an enormous, fully scented, fleshy Rose met with by sweet Lychee, deep Akigalawood and earthy patchouli for a new scented path, beyond light and gravity.
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange

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