Your Scent is in the Stars: FIRE

Choosing a new scent can be daunting, sensual, platonic or narcissistic, depending on your personality… and frankly, on your zodiac. So why not approach it in the same way you question other life choices: see what the stars have in store for you. Each sign in the four families unveil tendencies of who you date, what you watch, which sexual positions to try next, which food you should nibble on, and frankly, which fragrance speaks to you. Let’s find out. Starting with the fire signs.
Fire signs are the hottest, literally and metaphorically. We still use fierce and fiery as adjectives to describe people, both as a blush inducing compliment and a low-tapped insult. The personalities, as such, range from obnoxious to overtly sexual. As they say, fire can warm you to cozy you into a dreamworld, or completely destroy you, but it never fails to provide light.  

The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Remarkable People
The boldest of fire signs, so forget subtlety. Aries will vow for a unisex, gender fluid scent that packs a punch no matter who the onlooker is. Aries enjoy being the center of attention and taking up space so the strong, smoky nature would suit this fiercely independent fire sign, with REMARKABLE PEOPLE. An olfactive toast to celebrate those who defy convention, the Remarkable People of our Free State of Orange, you. Effervescent citrus bubbles over a celebratory pop of champagne and a spiced heart of defiant Sandalwood.
Jasmin et Cigarette
Leo, the ferocious lion, is ruled by the sun and is known for it’s larger-than-life aura. Given that it has a theatrical personality with innate glam rock and a bold appeal, the sign will want the center of attention at any gathering. Subtlety will not work, so go for a strong scent, one which states they have arrived, for Leos love luxury and don't stray from making an entrance. JASMIN ET CIGARETTE has the allure of vintage Hollywood glamour. Think Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich. This beautiful Jasmin scent pays tribute to the beautiful icons of black-and-white cinema smoking their crisp, long Tobacco cigarettes.
Une Amourette
The happy-go-lucky sign of extravagance, which is essentially owing to their flamboyant and competitive personality. The scent to match must be as playful and upbeat, yet undeniably charismatic. With a penchant for adventure, the glam of florals and the touch of patchouli (and its wild history) can match the fervor of this sign. UNE AMOURETTE, made in collaboration with international fashion designer Roland Mouret, this “Little Fling” combines spicy cardamom and pink pepper with sensual nuances of Vanilla and Patchouli.
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange
Four Free States of Orange

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