Your Summer Fragrance Horoscope: Air Signs

Hey air signs! What’s up? (other than you guys.) Air signs tend to live up in the clouds–they are social, curious, and intellectual. Living life easy and breezy, air signs make decisions easily because of their intellect and are extremely sociable. If you know any world-class gabbers, they’re probably an air sign.

playful, curious, expressive
May 21 – June 21

As a Gemini represented by the twins, your whole MO is dualities. You are socially flexible and easily adaptable, due to your fluid nature. The Ghost in the Shell is, appropriately, a fragrance of dualities. In this case, technology meets nature and synthetic meets organic as Aqual™ and Yuzu joins peach and pear. Why choose one when, in true Gemini fashion, you can have them both?
charming, appreciative of beauty, values companionship
September 23 – October 23

Yes I Do honors an innocent mademoiselle, the ultimate girlie-girl, and her slow progression into a seductive woman. As a Libra, you represent both sides of this story. You appreciate beauty and everything lux, making you one with our classy mademoiselle. Yet, Libras are also known as the flirtiest zodiac, which aligns with our passionate woman. Your innocent side is represented by orange blossom and lily-of-the-valley and is met with your seductive side of patchouli.
humanitarian, innovative, collaborative
January 20 – February 19

As an Aquarius, you are the humanitarian of the zodiac, the do-gooder. True to nature, the Aquarius fragrance is progressive in its own right. I Am Trash is the world’s first luxury perfume created using upcycled materials. It seems only fitting that any Aquarius should be scented in a eco-forward way: exhausted Rose petals, already distilled Sandalwood chips, and leftover Apples from the food industry.

How can you argue with the stars? Navigate all the zodiac pairing below:

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