Your Summer Fragrance Horoscope: Earth Signs

Let’s DIG into earth signs. (Get it?) Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you guys are truly GROUNDed. Ok– I’ll stop with the puns. But seriously, earth signs are reliable, stable, and resilient. Everyone loves these ever-practical signs, who are always there for their (less practical) friends.

serene, soothing, devoted
April 20 – May 20

Sous Le Pont Mirabeau is an ode to the Mirabeau Bridge that sits above the Seine. The fragrance represents the quiet serenity of the bridge and river, flowing with the melancholy melody of lost love. As a Taurus, you value all things serene and soft–we can almost picture you strolling along the bridge, finding peace and serenity in its mournful beauty. Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Fig, and Aquatic Accord compose the olfactory backdrop.
logical, practical, hard-working
August 23 – September 22

As the name implies, Cologne is simple but powerful. The idea is a “nice” fragrance, adaptable and pleasurable, but far from basic. As a Virgo, you value the consistent and systematic parts of life. Cologne is this peaceful orderliness, bottled into a bright fragrance–blood orange, bergamot, and jasmine.
ambitious, resilient, stoic
December 22 – January 19

As a Capricorn, you are stoic and sometimes may come across as cold. However, those who know you know that you have a wild side, perhaps a troublemaking shadow. Hermann a Mes Cotes represents just this–your shadow. This fragrance is meant to be your constant companion, good or bad. For you, Capricorn, it’s your mischievous inner self, scented with blackcurrant, black pepper, and patchouli.

How can you argue with the stars? Navigate all the zodiac pairing below:

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