Extra Pride for June

Etat Libre d'Orange puts an emphasis on originality, audacity, authenticity, and freedom of expression. We represent a rainbow mosaic of people and cultures, and we celebrate and stand for Pride not just during the month of June, but every day. 

Nonetheless, since June is an especially important month for Pride, we’ve chosen now to highlight two fragrances from our collection that push the boundaries, inspiring us to express ourselves and live on our own terms.


Our Tom of Finland fragrance was created in collaboration with the Tom of Finland Foundation. Tom of Finland is the pseudonym of a Finnish artist known for homoerotic drawings that have played a vital role in the sexual liberation and development of pop culture.

The namesake scent of a notorious, homoerotic artist, Tom of Finland is an ode to masculine beauty. The scent starts off fresh and clean only to slowly reveal all that's hidden. The fresh shave of lemon and aldehydes morphs into quintessential masculine notes of a lumberjack forest of birch and pine and a leather jacket of suede, musk, and erotic ambergris. The beauty of the male body and the erotic natural self radiates strong and true. Straight, gay, bisexual.. labels are irrelevant here. Tom of Finland is beyond sexuality - he is sex, in all its fullness and magnitude, open and erect. Fantasy clings to him like his leather jacket and that jacket smells damn good. This concoction is for someone who wants to play, love, and die and be reborn again and again. Tom of Finland is a tribute to tomorrow's glorious possibilities. A must try for those ready to take on the world as their truest selves.

Our second pick is Exit The King, a fragrance inspired by the fall of power— Because nothing can rule us. The fall of the King represents the fall of all the forces that oppress us and prevent us from moving forward. For a King to fall, an infinite number of little kingdoms must collapse: Family, Time, Love, Work, Toxic ex-lovers, the Patriarchy, the obligations to be sad, Capital, the commitment to be happy, anguish, sex, and everything else that alienates us and prevents us from being truly free.

Exit The King is a perfect blend of petals in overdose, soap foam washing the skin of all the limitations and old ways, a clean slate of new beginnings. Notes of aromatic tree moss, contrasted with earthy patchouli on a milky skin of sandalwood and white woods.  This invigorating floral scent says no to limiting the constructs of love, life, and sex.  A scent for homosexuals, experimentalists, feminists, and everyone and anyone ready to break free from societies’ prescribed boundaries. Your empowering scent is waiting...

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